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Freedom from pain, anger, fear,
low self-esteem, and depression.
It is possible,
And it is within your reach,
right now.
Freedom From Suffering, A Spiritual Approach Revised Editation 2918 Freedom From Suffering,
A Spirtual Approach

Revised Edition
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New Revised Edition  

Freedom From Suffering
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"It is certainly a valuable contribution to a problem that I consider the most common dis-ease in the world.
I wish it the greatest success." 
C. Norman Shealy, M.D., Ph.D.

Helpful companion meditations to this book are:
Leaving Behind the darkness, Walking Into the Light.
or Freedom From Depression, A Spiritual Approach

Freedom From Suffering is a clear description of how to dissolve the root causes of depression, pain, anxiety and low self-esteem. The book contains the practical steps and practices for rising above suffering and truly feeling inner peace. This is an electronic book you can download and start working with immediately. Thousands of people have been able to shed the darkness with Jon's methods and you can too.

There is a pervasive sentiment that permeates much of our world, of our thinking, one that Freedom from Suffering exposes for what it is. That sentiment: that suffering is an intrinsic part of our very existence, an unavoidable part of life. We experience it as a rule.

Who made up that rule? Is it, in fact, a rule? Author Jon Shore leads us to deeply question this. For ourselves we must discover if, in fact, suffering is avoidable or not. Gently, yet powerfully, Shore guides
us to our own understanding and experience that suffering is, indeed, not necessary at all.

This small book is about how to experience freedom from suffering on a consistent basis in our lives. Gently yet firmly, we are brought to look in turn at the shadows – shadows such as fear, sadness, low self-esteem, and depression – that obscure our view of the truth. We are guided to explore, with bare honesty, what these shadows are, how they work and how we can dissolve them.

And our discovery is no less than liberating.

Jon Shore reveals a tried and true way of discovering a deeply founded freedom from suffering, a way tested for many years by many people. As if by the hand, we are led through 14 simple practices, each of which effectively releases our grasp on our burdens. Lighter and lighter we become. The practices’ treasure, however, lies in their consistency: the prescription given here most assuredly works!

The gift of this book is a new way of living, in truth, in authenticity. Carefully, softly, Freedom from Suffering brings us to know firmly what we had only dreamed was true: that life is not about pain and suffering, but is instead is an adventure founded in peace and joy and even magic.

This new revised edition contains the practical and effective sign posts and tools you will need along your journey out of suffering.


Freiheit von Depression

Freedom From Depression is also available in German at Just click on the cover to order.

Freiheit von Depression ist auch verfügbar auf Deutsch bei Klicken Sie einfach auf die Abdeckung, um zu bestellen.
The Mindful Diet Program by Jon Shore


Electronic Book in pdf format

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Also check out the companion Mindful Eating
audio programs,

The Dieting Mindfulness Meditations

Successful dieting and lifestyle changes require
physical, emotional and psychological adjustments.

The Mindful Diet Program combines dieting, exercise, Meditation, Mindfulness and Mindful Eating which allow you to become aware of how your diet, exercise, psychological and emotional states, habits, reactions, beliefs and other factors affect your physical body and your life.

The techniques and strategies presented in this book will allow you to be in more control of your weight, physical and mental health and your activities. If you use the tools presented in this book you will learn how to adjust your diet, exercise and lifestyle on a daily basis in accordance with what you and your body need for optimum health and your enjoyment of life. The Mindful Diet Program includes lists of YES and NO foods, exercise suggestions, meditation and mindfulness exercises as well as Mindful Eating exercises. The book also includes a wealth of references to support your journey.

Jon Shore has been a psychotherapist and meditation teacher for 40 years. The Mindful Diet Program is a result of many years of research and practice. It is especially helpful for those who wish to lose weight, deal with illnesses like Type II Diabetes or for improving the quality of your day to day life.

Real and lasting change is seldom simple and rarely fast.

If you read this book you will find it very informative. If you put the techniques into practice in your daily life you can change your life. Get started with this program today and you can be well on your way to a healthy, fulfilling and happy future

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Jon Shore is something of an enigma.
He serves through roles as seemingly diverse as therapist, counselor, teacher, trainer, business executive & advisor, and author -- all with a clear perception and compassion that are refreshing and powerful.

Private counseling sessions are now available with Jon Shore by phone and Skype.

Have you lost a sense of direction in your life?
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Where is happiness for you?
Would you like to get back in touch with your own soul?

Jon Shore can help.

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