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Sunrise in Burtnieki by Jon Shore © 2016 Jon Shore"In times of struggle and chaos it is essential to be able to find clarity and a sense of
peace to thrive. Meditation and Mindfulness are the perfect tools achieve this
Jon Shore

Now you can have one of the world's top

Meditation and Mindfulness instructors
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We have been producing the best programs for relaxation, mindfulness, inspiration and meditation anywhere for over 40 years. Jon Shore has been called the "Voice of Meditation" for 4 decades and for good reason. Jon Shore's unique and soothing voice is available only in our guided meditations. Jon's guided meditation and mindfulness scripts are created with many years of professional psychotherapy experience and successfully tested by thousands.

There are many good reasons
that thousands of people have been using
Jon Shore's meditations successfully since 1978.

Our guided meditation and mindfulness programs range from beginner to advanced and can be used for a wide variety of purposes. They are categorized by Inspirational, which include meditations that have some non-religious spiritual and inspirational content, and Clinical, which are non-spiritual and developed for hospitals and clinics.

Some of the benefits of Mindfulness & Meditation include:

  • Skillful observation of reactive and habitual patterns
  • Improved self-esteem
  • Self-care
  • Finding Inner Peace, Fulfillment and Happiness
  • Improved relationships and sex life
  • Boosts memory and cognitive skills
  • Improved management skills
  • Increases abilities to innovate and creative problem solve
  • Increases ability to focus
  • Improves quality of life
  • Improves study capabilities and test scores
  • Manage depression, anxiety and stress more effectively
  • Promotes physical wellbeing
    • Reduced blood pressure
    • Stronger immune system function
    • Reduction in physical stress responses
    • Improves ability to sleep
  • Greater sense of emotional wellbeing
  • Increases compassion, understanding and empathy
  • Increase self-awareness
  • Become less disturbed by and less reactive to unpleasant experiences
  • Better management of chronic pain
  • Experience more balance and less emotional ups and downs
  • Develop self-acceptance
All audio programs have been professionally produced and recorded in a state of the art recording studio,
digitally mastered and digitally transferred to mp3 format.

You can, begin meditating right now, with just a few clicks.

Once you download these meditations
they are yours.
Play them on any device.
No internet connection required.
Burn them to a CD if you wish.

No monthly fees, no registration, no memberships, no apps required.

Our audio programs have been used by hospitals, clinics, doctors, therapists, workshop leaders, coaches and individuals
the world over since 1978.
Tens of thousands of people have been helped with our meditations, relaxations, music, nature recordings and books over the years.

Jon's newest guided Mindfulness Meditations
Mindfulness Meditation 1 with Eyes Closed by Jon Shore  Mindfulness Meditation 2 with Eyes Open by Jon Shore Mindful Walking by Jon Shore
Evening Meditation by Jon Shore sm    
Jon's Newest Book
is now available here and at Amazon as well as most other online booksellers
                                              The Mindful Diet Program Book by Jon Shore    

    Freedom From Suffering                             Mindfulness Meditations for Dieting 
    The New Revised Edition
    is now available

     Freedom From Suffering, A Spiritual Approach Revised Edition 2018 by Jon Shore                                Mindfulness Meditations for Dieting by Jon Shore

   Tibetan Memories with Rain                                       Tibetan Memories
                                                                                   Along the Winter River
Tibetan Memories with Rain by Jon Shore
                    Tibetan Memories Along a Winter River by Jon Shore

  Morning in the Forest            Waves on a Stone Beach            Waves on the Rocks
          Bird Songs                                                                           at Castellabate, Italy
Pure Nature Sounds Morning in the Forest - Bird Songs by Jon Shore       Waves on a Stone Beach      Mediterranean Waves on the Rocks at San Marco di Castellabate, Italy
     To Touch the Light                         To Touch the Light
  With Stream and Birds             With Ocean Waves on a Beach


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